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Why do I need a new website?

This is a great question. Site owners that are not getting results from their website may want to consider a few important things. A website is a representation of your business online. This is where you make your first impression. There are no second chances to do this, so if your website looks amateurish, then that is what your site visitors will think of your business.

If your website is showing up in top positions in the search engines, this is great! But, if it takes a while for your site to load once someone decides to visit it… not so great. Long load times can make someone hit their back button and "bounce" away from your website before it even loads. It doesn't matter how awesome your site looks, if people won't wait to see it.

Visual graphics are also very important to your website. Nobody wants to read through a wall of text. If that were the case, they would stay in their recliners and read a novel. Visual graphics allow the user to form a more clear picture of what they are reading. Video is also a great way to display a clear image to support the text content.

Text font makes a difference too. If there are many different fonts used throughout the website or fonts that are hard to read, this could be a problem. The use of standard fonts and limiting the number of fonts to three or less can make for a good design.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is designed to separate the content from the content presentation. Some websites that use CSS in their design do it in a sloppy manner, or don't follow the rules, making it a nightmare to make simple changes to the website. If CSS is implemented correctly, it will actually make it easier to make changes to the website, and also improve load times.

Making so many changes to an existing website is almost like pulling a sweater apart back to a ball of yarn. Rebuilding a website from the first line of code can be a better option and may take less time. This can be beneficial to both the website developer and the site owner. Most importantly, thought can be put into the design before the actual design begins. This is where most websites fall short.


Why do I need SEO Services?

You are a businessman expecting more business from your "online shop" (Your Website). To get more business you first need more visitors seeing your website, and that is not happening even though you have a very "Attractive" website. The world has become faster and you want to stay ahead of your competitors. That is why you need an SEO expert or a professional SEO Company to do the search optimization of your website. Our SEO Company will do all the changes on your website to make it attractive not just to the human eye but also to Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc so that your website gets listed higher up in the search results. You get more visitors to your website only when it gets listed on the first couple of pages of Google search results.

How to get more online business?

The Internet is a huge market with huge numbers of similar websites doing business globally rather than locally. The only way to increase business is to get the targeted traffic (target customers) to your website. To get that increased traffic is difficult and challenging. No traffic (customers) to your site, means no sales, means no profit. Hiring a professional SEO company is the cost effective option to get more traffic to your site.

How to hire the right SEO service?

To hire a SEO Service is not difficult, but choosing the right one is. Look out for transparancy in what they claim / promise, money back guarantee, proven past performance which they can show, and above all one who does not get you locked in a long-term contract but rather offers a month-to-month option.





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