What should You expect as to pricing?

First, remember to call or email for a free consultation and quote!


Web Design Quote Creation of your website can be any number of pages with any possible combination of services involved. There will be smaller jobs such as web sites for personal use or a very small business and certainly much larger projects. Our website projects are created from scratch and can have as many or few services and features as you desire.


Larger web sites will be more of an investment depending on a variety of Website Design Glens Falls factors explained below. These websites are NOT template based and are custom written/created from "scratch" and anything can therefore be done! Please call and schedule a free consultation! We can discuss your job, give you a price and find what is right for you. Also, be sure to visit our portfolio of completed projects. You can get some ideas of what is available to you!


Website RegistrationDomain Name registration and Website Hosting; We will set up your account for you (and with you). Your Domain Name is your "" website address and web hosting is the space on the internet server set aside for you so that your website is available to be visited around the clock every day of the year. You pay for these separately (figure around $135.00 for the year) and they are in YOUR name. Why "your name"? We insist that YOU own YOUR website and domain name. This sets MAD RHINO WEBSITE DESIGN apart from other website builders who keep it in “THEIR” name and charge you hefty fee's annually for renewals! You own your website from start to finish and long after!


Starter Websites: Most minor websites for very small business and/or Website Design Glens Falls personal use generally are priced in the range of $1500.00 (and up) to create, as most can be designed in under 10 pages. Included in this price example is the "creation & designing" of your new website including image/picture service (you provide pictures), web based email, limited text/writing creation & many extra’s other web designers do not include! Please call for a free consultation and we can discuss your project and give you an accurate price quote!



What would make a website project cost more to start out?

Here are only a few examples:

  • Needing a larger website with more pages
  • Additional comprehensive graphic design work
  • Flash Animation...slide
  • The number of additional digital images that we photograph and optimize
  • Shopping Cart system for online sales
  • Requiring creation of special documents, menu's, brochure's etc
  • Creating online reservation systems
  • Advanced navigation
  • The amount of copy-writing (text) we must write

These are just a few examples. We at MAD RHINO WEBSITE DESIGN are confident you will find us to be the very best in quality and pricing!

Arrange for your FREE consultation and based upon your stated desires and needs, we can design a package that is right for your budget!


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